n. all possible things at once, regardless of whether or not they are contradictory and regardless of whether or not they can be understood by or explained to others

Justine pushed her keyboard to the side and picked up her typewriter, placing it carefully on her desk. On a fresh sheet of paper, she typed the words:


Then she typed: “An Exercise in Precise Articulation”

“I Delicious You”

“I Tuesday-Afternoon-Picnic You”

“I Seaway-Hotel You”

“I Moreover-Henceforth-Ergo You”

“I Srsly-A-Lot U”

“I Dearest-and-Darling You”

“I Classic-Cinema-Romance-Film You”

“I Office-Furniture You”

“I M-is-for-Mistress You”

“I C-is-for-Cherish You”

“I V-is-for-Vulnerable-2 You”

“I Rubberband-Stapler-Glue-Tape-Stuck-On You”

“I Sappy-Pop-Song-Lyrics You”

“I Release-Control-Completely-Without-Even-Meaning-2 You”

“I Present-Tense You”

“I Verb You”

“I Verb-You-Again You”

“I Verb-You-More You”

“I Totally-and-Completely-Adore You”

“I Yes-Yes-Yes You”

“I Love you”

Justine looked at the paper for a long time. Then she typed:


“As in: I Everything You.”

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