On Linguistic Correctness

On Linguistic Correctness

Competent people know how to use language correctly. However, even competent people forget themselves sometimes. It’s not uncommon for even the most competent of individuals to find themselves at a crossroads, unsure how to deal with irregular action verbs or which preposition accurately fits their situation. There are many linguistic rules that one needs to be aware of in order to express themselves properly, and this guide is here to help.

Adult, Adulthood, Adultery

Agree to, Agree with

Admission, Submission

Allude, Elude

Beside, Besides

Can, May

Connote, Denote

Contour, Detour

Course, Coarse

Elicit, Illicit, Solicit

Everywhere, Anywhere, Somewhere, Nowhere *

Exposition, Exhibition, Exhibitionism

Eye, I

Have, Take, Give, Borrow

Meet, Meat

Nonfiction, Fiction

Nose, Knows

Not, Knot

Plane, Plain

Site, Cite, Sight

Sore, Soar

Undressed, unaddressed

Weight, Wait

Waste, Waist

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