Words for “Place”

Everywhere, Anywhere, Somewhere, Nowhere

All four terms describe potential places, yet each word works slightly differently. “Everywhere” refers to all places at once. “Anywhere” refers to an available place that has not yet been determined. “Somewhere” references a specific place. “Nowhere” means no place at all.

Sample sentences:
EVERYWHERE – “I see reminders of you everywhere.”
ANYWHERE – “I would meet you anywhere.”
SOMEWHERE – “You pick somewhere and I will meet you there.”
NOWHERE – “There is nowhere I will not meet you.”

All four terms are singular nouns conjugated with plural verbs. Thus the letter S is not needed. Ie, it is correct to say “everywhere” not “everywheres,” “anywhere” not “anywheres,” “somewhere” not “somewheres” and “nowhere” not “nowheres.”

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