Place: Everywhere

A million things a day reminded her of him.

A million things a day reminded her of him.

Presently, she is standing here.

But it could be anywhere.
It happens everywhere.
There is nowhere in which it does not.

Here. Now.
In this place.
She finds herself lovingly surrounded with symbols of him:

LEFT: In her left hand, she is holding a coffee cup (purchased at the town market).
RIGHT: In her right hand, she is holding a marker (marked with the library’s new logo).
FRONT: In front of her, an email inbox asks: “Mark as unread?”
BACK: Behind her, a billboard boasts: “Remarkable Savings!”

This moment, though distinct, is not uncommon.

A million things a day reminded her of him. Details from his stories or her fantasies or their conversations were starting to appear with more frequency in her daily life.

They appeared anywhere.
They appeared everywhere.
There is nowhere they did not appear.

Things that had meant nothing to her before were suddenly marked with new meaning. The entire world in all of its infinite vastness and infinitesimally minute detail seemed to speak2her in a secret code, presenting stimuli that everyone could see and that was simultaneously imprinted with meaning meant only for her.

Everyone saw it.
Anyone saw it.
No one could not see it.
And yet only Justine could see another layer, these specific markings.

Only Justine could read this code.

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Everywhere, Anywhere, Somewhere, Nowhere

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