n. an accurate and correct statement of fact, as in: “The truth is, I love you.”

Love Poem

U is for Unsustainable.


O, as in: Obviously.

O, as in: the second letter of: LOVE

U is for Unsustainable.

Will it last?

L, as in: Last

L, as in: the first letter of: LOVE

But “last” implies time. And there is no time here. Only words. No time as in “duration” or “when it’s over” or “beginningmiddleend.” And certainly no time as in something as mundane as “clock.” No.  T is only for Touch, not for time; only for Temptation; only for True. And the third letter in True is: U

L, as in: the first letter of: LOVE

U, as in: U

V, as in: Visceral

V, as in: the third letter of:

E, as in: Everything


E, as in: the fourth letter of

Unsustainable is

Even that, LOVE, don’t you see: Even that: Even the fourth letter of

Unsustainable is:


Because, I think,

Everything is



Nota Bene: I think this might be a love poem. If that requires “Unsustainable,” then bring it on. There is, after all, an alternate spelling to the traditional “L. O. V. E.”

Love is, alternatively, spelled with U, as in: “L. U. V.”

As in: I LUV U

Not traditional, perhaps. Not condoned.

But nonetheless:


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