M is for Morals

Reflecting on Morals

They looked at me, questioning my morals.

D is for Disapproving.
A is for Abominable.
M is for Morality.
N is for just-say-NO.

D.A.M.N. did their eyes pierce through me.
Condemning me for what I’d done.

“How could you live with yourself?” They asked
(would have asked / was asking / to ask)

But how could I do anything else, I wondered. How could I say no?

M is for Morals

M is for #Mistress

M is for #Marriage

M is for #Mistress

M is for #Marriage

M is for #Mistress

M is for #Marriage


M is for Mistress

Morals are relative, I said. Firmly.


M is for Marriage

They looked at me, disapprovingly.


M is for Mine

This story never happened. They never looked at me, because they never knew. No one knew. Only I knew. Only me.


M is for Me

I wanted to tell them, but I was afraid they’d judge me. So I said nothing.

“It’s my story,” I thought, “and no one else needs to know. Only U and I.”


M is for #MumsTheWord

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